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Quick Start Instructions for New Accounts

  1. If you aren't a part of an existing Group, enter the public demo group code "DEMO" above.
    You can try out SpotterPro using our free whale spotting form
  2. Choose a username and provide your email address
  3. Enter a password and click 'Send Activitation Email'
  4. Check your email and click the confirmation link
  5. Now download the free app from the App store (feel free to download to your phone if you want to show friends too)
    (now that you're registered, you can download it onto as many devices as you'd like, iPhones or iPad, whatever works for you as long as they are under your username)
  6. On the first time you start the app, use the same login information you used to register in step 1 above
  7. Go whale watching
  8. Upload your data by following the directions in the Spotter Pro app, after your first trip, click upload when connected to the internet.
  9. Log on to using your same log-in credentials and check out your data online